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Social media marketing Melbourne businesses trust

How much is an ineffective (or nonexistent) social media presence costing your business? How many potential customers are you not engaging? How many of your existing customers are engaging with your competitors? As one of the foremost social media companies Melbourne has to offer, we know just how effective social media can be and the endless opportunities that it can bring to your business. Zib Media offers carefully managed social media marketing in Melbourne to generate leads and drive revenue, either as a standalone campaign, or as a key component of your wider marketing strategy.

Why do you need a social media strategy?

The emergence of social media has created a tremendous opportunity for brands and businesses of all sizes to connect directly with their target audience. But simply increasing the number of likes on your Facebook page does not equal social media marketing success. The goal is not just to promote your business, but also to share value so your followers view your brand as a credible, valuable source that they can turn to for assistance, ideas or solutions. To do this, you need a meticulously devised strategy to attract audiences, get them to act and keep them coming back. As a leading social media marketing agency in Melbourne, this is our specialty.



Our social media marketing agency helps

Melbourne businesses

If you choose to manage your own social media marketing, it requires your daily attention in order to create relevant, valuable content that works to build and engage your community. And you’ll need this content every day, on every channel that's relevant to your business. You’ll also need to continually monitor and test your efforts to ensure that you’re reaching your most influential audiences, and resonating with the target audience you’ve identified. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Let us take this pain away. Unlike many other social media companies Melbourne is home to, our measured approach is as much about smart advertising strategies for your business as it is creating attractive social profiles.

Social media marketing Melbourne businesses trust

The in-house team at our social media marketing agency in Melbourne work to nurture your audience to make it stronger, larger and more engaged. We create authentic, targeted content to build an active social media presence that truly represents your business, brand, products and services. Every post and campaign that we publish and share on your social networks will have a goal and intention. This might be to build brand awareness, increase reach, drive traffic to your website, collect leads and boost engagement or to become involved in the history of your brand. Whatever it is, we’ll get the right people talking about your brand.