Juanita McCreery Digital Specialist
MEET Juanita McCreery

As a digital marketing specialist, I recognise the importance of taking the time to understand your business and the individual requirements you need from your marketing activities.

I arrived at Zib Media with six years’ experience in the digital marketing world from my role as a digital marketing consultant. I managed and delivered on all aspects of digital requirements for my clients. I also hold a Monash University Bachelor in Business (Marketing).

I have specialised in service-based industries, which are an offline business utilising an online medium, and I understand success and results are measured in a different way to traditional eCommerce.

I believe that this, together with my other areas of experience in project management and traditional marketing, provide me with the tools and ability to look holistically at my client’s position.

My decision to join Zib Media provides my clients with access to industry leading digital experts and strategists. Together we’re able to execute your digital marketing strategy.