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Digital Buying
Advertise with surgical precision

Multiple Data Sources

Ensure your campaign reaches only its intended audience by using multiple data sources. Zib Media helps you map and identify your ideal audience by utilising data from a range of different sources including social media platforms. The user data is rich in detail offering a wealth of information. It also shares the device or platform the user is most likely to be converted on. This high quality data leads to a better return on investment.

multiple sources
Buying audience not inventory

Boost your sales by targeting the right consumer, with the right message, in the right context. Rather than purchasing blocks of pre-sold inventory that is broadly related, Zib Media allows you to reach your desired audience with programmatic buying. Our programmatic buying systems assess millions of data features all in real time, to find your ideal consumer. That way you only pay for consumers you actually want to reach, instead of paying for the wrong kind of consumers.

audience not inventory
Multi Platform

To make sure you are reaching the right audience in the right context, we run your campaign across multiple platforms. From video to social to mobile, we ensure no platform is missed in the pursuit of the perfect audience. Despite offering such a broad range of platforms, we still provide it within one package that keeps you connected to your own internal analytics system. With access to an extensive array of premium traffic websites and social media platforms, we extend your reach to a quality audience.

multi platform
Highly targeted

Zib Media utilises refined modelling technology to help you target the right audience. Our models are formulated on a broad range of online interactions like page views and searches. This information allows us to determine the product consumers want and forecast their potential to purchase it. This approach enhances conversions, as it allows you to push the right messages and offers to a highly qualified audience. Three main factors are used to target audiences including topic, demographic and competitor offerings.


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